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No matter the kind of tiles you have for your roof, it is an elegant roof option. Many roofing companies do not install tiles for roofs, due to the complication.

Installation tiles is one of the difficult roofing jobs. Tile roofs are not weak, in fact they are more durable than shingle roofs, however, individual tile pieces can be fragile. Improper handling of the tile can lead to a lot of wastage. South Jordan Roofing Contractor is a professional roofing company and we know how to install the best looking tile roofs. For more luxuries aesthetically pleasing overall look of the house, tiles are a classy choice for roofs. If you are looking to install tiled roofs or need repair with your tile roofs, call us today.

Types Of Tiles In Roofs

Clay tiles- As the name suggests, clay tiles are made of clay tiles baked in the oven to make them strong. The tiles are almost like brick material and are good for structural stability of the roof, good insulation and weather protection.

Concrete Tiles- Concrete tiles are more strong and highly resistant to breakage. Concrete tiles are good for foot traffic, if you have components on the roof that need to be checked often like an AC vent, it is best to get concrete tile.

Slate tiles- Slate tiles are made of natural stones. They are most labour intensive to install and are expensive as well. They give your house an elegant look and if you are going for a medieval look, slate tile might be a good option.

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Types Of Tile Structures

Flat Tiles- Slate tiles are common examples of flat ties. These are flat and installed in an overlapping manner.

Curved- Most tiles are curved. A single curve is common in clay tile. The curved part is good to drain down rain water. laid in an overlapping manner, the curved pattern creates rain channels

Roman- Roman tiles are wavy. They interlock strongly making a good roof more heavy wind and bad weather.

Barrel – Barrel tiles are like half cut out of a cylinder. They are more like the curved tile but more cylindrical.

Tile Roof Repair

Repairing tiled roofs is one of the most difficult roofing jobs. First of all, tile roofs make it extremely difficult to inspect the leaks. Only professionals with proper equipment can walk on the roof and check for leaks and damages. Changing a broken tile is much more challenging than re roofing flat roofs or changing shingles.

Tile Roof Maintenance

Tile roofs can stand up to the elements, therefore maintenance is minimal. Also, check your roof periodically and quickly remove any broken or chipped tiles to prevent spreading the damage. Consider hiring a professional who is well versed in how to move around on a tile roof to keep your roof clean and will be able to apply primers and paints quickly and easily to keep your roof cool and looking great.

Why choose a tile roof?

Saves electricity bills. Tile roofs are energy efficient. Tiles do not heat up like other types of roofing material. They are resistant to sunlight and keep your house cool during summer heat. Your Air conditioner will have to use up less energy to keep the house cool when you have tiles as your roof.

Fire Resistance- Clay tiles are one of the most fire resistant materials in roofing. They are practically incombustible making it one most effective in preventing fire loss.

Durable- Tile roofs are durable. They don’t weather or rust or rot with time. They are resistant to roden attacks and prevent water damage on the roof.

Tile Roofs Are Beautiful- With the huge variety of tiles available in the market, you can choose the one that goes with the looks of your house. Tiles will make your property stand out. It is aesthetically pleasing and looks expensive.

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