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Do you have an asphalt shingle roof? You are using the most commonly used roofing material for residences. It has been the choice of roofing for America for decades now.

If you take a look around your suburb, you need to notice most houses have shingles. South Jordan Roofing Contractor has been servicing shingles roofs for more than twenty years now. Our workers know everything about Shingles. They are skilled and efficient in installing shingles, they could probably do it without thinking about it. Our team has installed shingles for more than a thousand houses only in a single year.

Asphalt shingle which is the most common shingles used for roofs, is made of Asphalt with a base of fibreglass, slate or felt paper. The top is coated with ceramic granules to give it more strength. It was developed as a strong roof material that is easy to manufacture making it more affordable and easy to install. Although it doesn have a long lifespan as many other types of roofing option, but it is perfect if you want something new and exciting every few years. The removal and installation of a shingle roof is not expensive, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money in the process.

Variety In Shingles

Three Tab Shingle – Three tab shingles are a single shingle but they look like three shingles. These types of shingle fast to install and take less time to do so.

Architectural Shingle – Architectural shingle looks more like a tile than a shingle. Due to the additional asphalt layer of the shingle they are bukier and studier. They are good for weather protection but they do weigh down on the roof structure more.

Shingles come in various colors, Some color options are red, brown, black, grey, blue, etc. You can choose the color that complements your house the best.

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Energy Efficient – Many shingles are made of solar reflective asphalt which reflect the solar rays and prevent heating up of the actual roof. It makes maintaining the inside temperature more energy consuming. It also prevents condensation of moisture under the surface of the roof when the moisture filled air rises up. Shingles are good insulators and the underlayment installed before putting the shingle act as a good barrier of outside temperature to interfere with inside temperature.

Durability Of Asphalt Shingle

There are many factors that constitute how much time a roof will last. Shingled roofs as mentioned earlier don’t last as long as other types of roof such as metal roofs, but the longevity may be increased with proper maintenance. If you do regular maintenance for your shingled roof, check for water damage, and change damaged shingles, you may be able to increase its life. Our roof maintenance team will come and inspect your roof properly going up to the edges with a proper harness.

We will replace curled, cracked shingles. We will renail the shingles that are coming off and check granules as well. Shingled roofs are most hardly hit after bad weather. If you have recently experienced harsh weather, storms, or hailstorms call us right after for damage control. Ignoring the weather damages will make the issue worsen and lead to expensive repair. Many weather damages are covered by property insurance. If you are not sure how to go about claiming the money, our experts can help you get in touch with the insurance company and do all the necessary paperwork.

If you need to install, repair or maintain your shingled roof at an affordable price by an experienced and professional company, we are always here for you. Call us on the number given or fill up the form.

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