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Your roof will have twice as long life if you maintain them regularly. Roofs are one of the greatest investments for your house and keeping it in the best shape.

If you are someone who knows the importance of having a structurally sound and good quality roof, you should definitely invest in professional maintenance. Investing on roof maintenance can save you from expensive repairs and reproofing.

South Jordan Roofing Contractor has a maintenance team which gives high quality maintenance services for your roof for residential and commercial property. Call us if you need roof maintenance today.

Roof Inspection

Roof inspection is an important part of roof maintenance. Call our inspection team who will not only thoroughly inspect the roof including the gutters, flashing, fascia board and surface of the roof, they will also give you a free estimate of the minor repair, and cleaning that we do if there are no major issues. We recommend not to go for inspection yourself especially if it’s an elevated roof. Walking on such a roof without a proper safety harness can be deadly. That is where we come in, our team will come for inspection at your given time and access all the services your roof needs.

A professional visual inspection will determine leaks, blocks in the gutter, missing granules on shingles, missing shingles, broken tiles, etc.

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Cleaning Roof Gutters

Your gutters keep your roof from flooding. It prevents water damage from various parts of the roof such as flashing, fascia boards etc. Your gutters remove rainwater from the roof without damaging the seams of the roof and the wooden structure. Blocked gutters can lead to leaky roofs which will lead to mold growth. If mold starts to grow in the insulation under the roof, above your ceiling, it would be very difficult to get rid of it. If you have bad weather, make sure to call for inspection. Tree leaves and twigs can jam the gutters after a storm and must be taken care of immediately before rain.

If you ever notice water pooling around the outside of your home or business or sitting for extended periods of time in your gutters, you will need a professional to come and repair or replace them. Otherwise they could very well damage your roof and quickly wear it out.

Flashing Maintenance

Flashing is the covering around the seams, around the chimney, AC vents, exhaust stacks, and skylight. These areas are more vulnerable to water seepage. These places are bare and don’t have roof material on them, making them vulnerable to water damage. Flashing which can be made of roof felt, rubber, PVC or metal. If the flashing is not installed properly, has been damaged during bad weather or simply worn out, it needs to be replaced or repaired immediately if you want to avoid water damage.

Hire our professional to inspect the flashing and see if it needs renailing or reapplication and minor repair to keep them from leaking.

Mold Growth In Roof

Looking from the ground up at your house, does it look like something is rising on it? That could very well be the case, particularly if your roof is in the shade. Mildew and moss love to grow on shady sun protected roofs.

When you have these things growing on your roof, for a couple of different reasons this can be a problem. For example, it’s clear that mildew and moss will make the roof look unsightly. It’ll look like it needs to be replaced and you’ll hate how it’s dragging down your curb appeal.

Our team can clean your roof and remove the mold, or mildew from your roofs.

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