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Your house is the one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. If you want to keep your house in a perfect condition it is best to get professional roofing done.

South Jordan Roofing Contractor has been providing roofing services such as repairs, installations and reroofing for the residences of South Jordan. When you need reliable and beautiful looking roofs to adone your house, you need the best roofing company.

Our company has the skills and certification required to carry out roofing jobs and install roofs that stay in good shape for years to come. Our roof can take on bad weather and look beautiful at the same time.

The Best Roofing For Your House

South Jordan Roofing Contractor is known to provide high quality roofing finishes to houses. Our customers know how dedicated we are at what we do. Our employees are polite and work professionally to complete each job. We understand that your money is important to you so when you hire a company for roofing you need the best out of it.

South Jordan Roofing Contractor gives you what you need, a strong and functional roof that will stay durable for at least fifteen years without an issue.

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Roof Repair

Roofs tend to get damaged due to various reasons. Some reasons may include bad weather, trees and wearing down with age. Hail storms, high velocity wind can damage the roof, remove shingles, brake parts such as the gutter. Tree branches can damage the tiles or shingles or even the structure of the roof. The fall outs from a tree such as leaves, twings, etc could block the gutter and cause water logging after rain. Old roofs tend to wear down on their own and need proper repair or reroofing if needed.

Roof Inspections

Sometimes it is highly dangerous to go on top of the roof and check for defects. More importantly, an untrained eye can’t determine the damaged areas. Our team is a group of professional people who has all the knowledge on roof damages. They can take a closer look at the roof with proper safety equipment and tell you the repairs you need. Regular inspections and subsequent repairs or maintenance can increase the longevity of your roof.

Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance may include cleaning your roof, repairing minor damages.

We can fill in cracks that form on the surface which later turns to big issues.

We can change curled shingles and put in new shingles in place of the missing ones.

We apply water resistant coating on the roof to prevent moisture damage.

Roofing Contractor

Some Common Type Of Residential Roof We Install

Asphalt Shingle

Asphalt shingles are the more affordable and durable kind of shingles that are more common for residences. They are resistant to water damages and can be easily replaced when old. We can install and repair asphalt shingles for your roof with the best quality shingle available in the market.

Tiled Roofs

Clay tiles look beautiful on certain types of roofs. Let your roofing company choose the right type of tile that goes with the complete architecture of the house. The tiles are durable, act as good insulators and bring down the energy consumption of the house.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs look great. They are definitely highly durable and look amazing if you choose the right kind. The interlocking roof makes it difficult for bad weather the roof as much as it would other kinds of roofs. Common metals used as roofing materials are steel, aluminum and copper, each with its unique pros and cons.


Stone slates are used in older houses. If your house goes with older architecture, slate tiles can enhance the beauty of the roof and make the architecture look complete.

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