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Re-roofing is a big investment as well as a long time consuming process. When you need such a project done on your residential or commercial property you need the best professional for the job. South Jordan Roofing Contractor will give you the best roofing service in the town. We are licensed and certified to do the job right.

If You Are Not If You Need a Re-Roofing Here Are Few Things To Look Out For 

Old Roofs – If your roof is older than 25 years, you need to get it inspected by a professional. If it is a shingled roof you might notice buckling and curling of the shingles. The shingles might also loose granules, curl up or come apart. Damaged shingles damage the flashing underneath, if the damage is too much we might need complete reroofing.

Replacing The Flashing – Old flashing might damage over time. The places around the chimney, around the seams might start to crack and leak. If the flashing is made of tar or cement, it is best to replace it with metal flashing for more durability.

If Your Roof Is Sagging – A sagging roof should be addressed immediately. The concern may be with the decking of the attic, or even even with the strength of the floor. While you’re not necessarily in immediate danger, when it’s in a small area, this issue is much easier to deal with — not when it has spread all over the roof.

You Are Noticing Leaks In Your Ceiling – If you see notice leaks on your ceiling, it is best to check on the roof. Our professionals know to check your roofs for leaks and reason for the leak. If the fascia bors, gutter or flashing is damaged, we will replace them with better components. Our professionals will help you choose the right type of material for the gutters and flashing so you can have durable roofs. It will prevent leaking and moisture damage of your interior walls and ceiling.

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We Help You Choose The Right Roofing Material

When you are choosing the right roof material you need to keep multiple things in mind. Different types of material have different lifespan. For example, metal roofs are more likely to last long than shingles. Shingles, however, are more economical. There are also varieties in types of shingled roof as well as metal roofs to choose from. There are metal tiles available as well other types of tiles such as clay tiles that are affordable and durable as well. Our professionals will help you determine the right type of roofing material for your house. We can talk to you about your budget, your requirements and the look you have in your mind.

What To Do With The Existing Roof Material

For flat roofs it is often better to layer on the new layer of roof on top rather than removing the existing roof. It gets difficult to remove the existing roof, peeling off the layer can take a long time and can be quite labour intensive. In fact, layer a second and new flat roofing material can make the roof more resistant to the elements of nature. Other types of roof, such as shingled roof would need removal. Shingles can weigh down on your roof, and removing the first layer will make the process more efficient. Most times the flashing under the shingles would need redoing too and for that we will have to replace the existing roof and install a new one.

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