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Your roof is one of the most important structural elements of your house or commercial building. It protects the inhabitants from external elements. It completes the look of your house and makes it look thousand times better.

The way a roof longs and performs as a shield for the inhabitants determines the total property value. If your house has a shaky roof, that does look good and leaks everywhere your house will have no value, neither will it be comfortable to live in. At South Jordan Roofing Contractor provides quality installation that homeowners and company owners crave. We know how to give the best looking roofs to your property that are structurally strong.

What We Look After While Installing Roofs

Ventilation – The right type of ventilation and insulation can make or break how your roof is built. If your roof doesn’t have proper ventilation the hot moisture filled air will rise up and condense below the roof, causing moisture damage. A bad installed roof will also cause insulation issues. Bad roof installation can lead to high electric bills since your HVAC system has to be twice as hard to keep the temperature comfortable inside the house.

Leaks – A licensed roofing company will do multiple checks to make sure there are no leaks in the roof. Any unfinished seams, exposed places, cracks on the roof surface, bad installation of flashing for gutters can lead to leaks in the future. A properly installed roof will prevent moisture damage and mold growth in the ceiling.

Making Sure The Roof Looks Beautiful – Your roof is the first thing anyone notices in your house. If the roof is sagging, old and damaged, it doesn’t put a good impression on your property. Roof installation should be done keeping the whole architecture in mind. The right choice of roofing material, the right color and texture are all essential while choosing the roof. South Jordan Roofing Contractor can help you choose the right roof and install them with efficiency.

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Types Of Roofs We Install

Shingled Roof

Shingle roofs are some of the common types of residential roof we install for the people of South Jordan. There are many types of shingles available in the market such as metal shingles, wooden shingle and more. It depends on you what kind of shingle you prefer. Asphalt Shingles are the most commonly used one. They are inexpensive to buy and install, for a residential roofing, Asphalt roofing is the best choice. They all have variety so it will for your style as well.

Tiled Roof

If you are someone who wants tiled roofs instead of Asphalt shingles, we can install the best quality tiled roofs for you. Tiled roofs are one of the oldest types of roofs in history. The tiles can be made of clay, concrete or metal. Tile roofs are highly durable against fire, rain, or high velocity wind. Tiles are environmentally friendly material and leave less carbon footprint. They are good insulators and keep your house’s temperature low on hot days.

Metal Roofs

We install metal roofs for houses as well as commercial properties. Metal shingles and tiles are more common for residential metal roofs while metal sheets are more common for industrial or commercial roofs. Metal roofs are durable and strong against bad weather elements.

Flat Roof

The greatest advantage of flat roofing is the cost. These are fairly inexpensive, from the construction and assembly to the materials typically used for flat roofs. They offer space that can be used for other purposes. You can put up an air conditioning unit on the roof, it can be used to store stuff. Flat roof makes it easy to access the roof even without a proper safety harness. A flat roof also makes for more versatile interior space. Without the sloping walls produced by traditional pitched roofs, top floor apartments and finished attics are possibilities.

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