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South Jordan Roofing Contractor has what you need as a roofing company for a commercial building. We are efficient at installation roofs, re roofing, repairing or maintaining roofs.

We take our work seriously no matter the size of the project. All are employees some fully prepared to take on any project, no matter the size of the project. We are one of the top roofing contractors in South Jordan, Utah.

As a business if you notice issues with the roof, wet marks on the ceiling, mold growth on the ceiling, you can’t ignore the signs. You could seriously jeopardize the lives of your customer and employees if you don’t do something about the damaged roof soon. Damaged roofs that go unnoticed for a long time can fall down, rip off during bad weather and damage the inside of the building during rain when it drips. Unfortunately , most businesses won’t take the time to look at the roof and let it deteriorate with time. If you are a business which needs immediate roof repair or reroofing, call us. We are prompt in our response and know how to handle difficult roof situations with ease.

We repair all kinds of commercial roofs from flat roofs to metal roofs. We know what makes a good roof and service your roof in a way that it increases the longevity of the roof. Our roofing professionals can go and inspect your roofs for many damages, leaks or mold infestation. Metal roofs may rust if the drainage is not perfect. Flat roofs tend to get water damage as they are longer exposed to water than other types of roofs. The water damage may seep into your walls and damage the drywall and insulation. Regardless of how severe the damage is in your roof, whether it needs reroofing or simple repair, we are always here to help you with an efficient staff. When you get roof services done by us you can rest assured and have peace of mind. You wouldn’t have to deal with mold issues, moisture and insulation problems. Do not waste your time contemplating, you know what to do. Call South Jordan Roofing Contractor immediately.

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Types Of Commercial Roofs We Install And Repair

PVC – PVC or TPO are similar kinds of roofing material used for flat roofs. They are cheap and quite durable. The flexible material can be draped over the flat roof to make them last long, be water resistant, fire resistant, save the building from UV light and conserve less energy. durable long lasting roofing systems available for commercial applications. The PVC roofing can also be recycled when they need to be replaced.

​EPDM – EPDM which stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber is a rubber material for your flat roofs. EPDM sheets can be heat sealed or adhered to the roof with adhesive. EPDM makes your roof last long, it is good insulation for your roof and can be very resistant to water. South Jordan Roofing Contractor installs the best EPDM roofs if that is something you want to install or reinstall.

Bitumen – Bitumen is good for the environment where the summers can get hot. It is a type of asphalt product mixed with rubber making it strong and heat resistant. It has a high tensile strength which can make it resistant to wear and tear and also good against harsh weather conditions. We use bitumen roofs with proper warranty.

Metal Roof – Metal Roofing is perhaps the most cost-effective way to pave the commercial house. It lasts a long time, and is also quite appealing to the eye. Metal roofing works well for commercial and industrial applications which are light. Metal roofing and wall panels offer a low-maintenance option for commercial grade efficiency while dramatically improving the building’s curb appeal.

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